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    The smart construction set for creative minds

    The Plivio Construction sets are designed for people with interest for creativity, construction and “learning while playing”.
    Plivio’s smart construction sets are available in various sizes, each serving its own purpose and level of creativity.
    Our smart construction sets allow you to create decorative constructions while playing and challenging your mind.



    Examples of decorative creations with Plivio construction sets

    Below we have given you some examples of constructions that can be made with the construction set. For more inspiration please check out our page inspiration.

    The smart construction sets

     Tubes, Imagineers, Clips & Plugs

    Each of our mind-cracking construction sets consists of various aluminium tubes, small Imagineers that can be linked in many ways to each other or to the tubes, and interlinkable plugs & clips.
    The smart connectors help you create all kinds of framework objects.

    Both the little Imagineers and the clips can connect directly onto the wooden box, making it a stand to support your creation.
    All parts are made from sustainable materials and produced in Europe.

    The sets are for beginners as well as experienced builders and allow you to learn, explore and discover different ways of constructing objects, while challenging yourself to go beyond what you think is possible: We call it Imagineering!
    You can be sure that any object created from your Plivio construction set will always be eye-catching and by combining two sets or using one of the larger sets, even more complex and amazing objects can be created!

    plivio overzichtfoto.jpg

    Plivio instruction videos

    We have created several instruction videos to support your creative process and to give you ideas of how the Plivio Construction Sets work. You will find even more videos on our inspiration page


     Our Believes

    At Plivio we believe in the art of Imagineering: that pioneering and imagining your creative expression is essential for the well-being and development of every human being, old and young.

    Surprise yourself and others: just combine your imagination and construction skills and become an Imagineer turning creative ideas into geometric, decorative, freestyle, static, kinetic, abstract, useful or wacky framework objects. 


    Our carefully designed sets work beautifully as construction set for creating your own home or office deco or use it as a gift, mind-challenging game or as an educational (STEM) tool. 


    Team Plivio

    Plivio wishes you lots of fun imagineering your creations!
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